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Adobe explains ditching Flash for mobile

Adobe explains ditching Flash for mobile: “Adobe explains ditching Flash for mobile Adobe says its decision to stop developing a mobile version of Flash will allow the company to increase its investment in HTLML 5 and to innovate with Flash in areas where it can “have the most impact.”

(Via MacCentral.)

Music students with iPads

Exploring the potential of the iPad for music education

Music students with iPads

Mobile Learning – turning any space into a learning space with iPads.

Mlearn2009 presentation

In Orlando

Deakin mlearning presentation

Kindergarten Teacher’s technology kit

Every Auckland Kindergarten Teacher is now suppied with a wireless Mac laptop and digital camera. Kindys also have WiFi access to facilitate authentic learning anywhere!

Coffee in St Kllda, Electra cycle my wife likes.

TPA plabbibg day 2009

Flexible presentation in UCOL Hub

Portable presentation trolley in use

Flexible presentation in UCOL Hub

Flexible presentation in UCOL Hub

Architecture MLearning Rollout 2009

Second year Bachelor of Architecture students and staff receiving Dellmin9 netbooks and Nokia xpressmusic 5800 smartphones for mlearning project 2009.

Architecture students mlearning project 2009

Netbook & smartphone rollout