Young people don’t see “tech”

Interesting – we already knew this, but here’s confirmation:

Young people don’t see “tech”: “A Reuters report today puts us past the time when kids are attracted to technology for its own sake. In fact, few of them say they do when asked if they like technology:

Only a handful think of technology as a concept, and just 16 percent use terms like ‘social networking,’ said two combined surveys covering 8- to 24-year-olds published on Tuesday by Microsoft and Viacom units MTV Networks and Nickelodeon.

‘Young people don’t see ‘tech’ as a separate entity – it’s an organic part of their lives,’ said Andrew Davidson, vice president of MTV’s VBS International Insight unit.

‘Talking to them about the role of technology in their lifestyle would be like talking to kids in the 1980s about the role the park swing or the telephone played in their social lives — it’s invisible.’

The surveys involved 18,000 young people in 16 countries including the UK, U.S., China, Japan, Canada and Mexico.”

(Via Smart Mobs.)


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