New iPods!

So many choices!!!
Apple have updated their iPod line, and also dropped the price of the iPhone.

Perhaps most exciting news is that the iPhone is now only $399US ($649NZ) – the same price as the new iPod ‘Touch’ 16GB. The new iPod ‘Touch’ appears to be basically an iPhone without the camera or phone builtin – i.e. it has the same interface & built-in WiFi networking and comes with either an 8GB or 16GB flash drive.

The iPod Nano now also features video ($329NZ for 8GB), and the ‘Classic’ iPod now comes in either 80Gb ($399) or 160Gb ($549) models.

I’m still keen to see what the iPhone will offer when it’s finally available in NZ! – hopefully 3G and a larger Flash drive 😉


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