FRING Mobile VOIP & Chat

FRING looks like a great FREE solution for mobile Skype and VOIP with several services, plus chat. Fring is supported on several Nokia S60 phones, and SonyEricsson P1 and P990. Supports VOIP via Fring, Skype, and chat via MSN, Skype, Twitter, Google Talk. AND DID I MENTION ITS FREE!

Fring accesses your Skype and MSN buddies list – so you can see who is online for calling/chatting. Unlike IM+ for SKYPE on mobiles, Fring is multiclient and unlike GIZMO does not require your buddies to signup for another VOIP service.

Fring Overview

what is fring?
fring™ is a free mobile VoIP application that enables free mobile internet calls and live chat (IM) to other ‘fringsters’ and PC-based services including Skype®, Google Talk™, ICQ, MSN® Messenger and Twitter, using free Wi-Fi or your 3G or GPRS internet data plan instead of costly mobile airtime minutes.”


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