Upgrading to Leopard

Updated laptops to Mac OSX Leopard:
Issues with ‘Application Enhancer’ – delete from sys prefs before update!

Also Leopard has apache 2.2.6 and php 5.2.4 preinstalled – cool!

To enable:
Uncomment php module in /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Create php.ini file:
cd /private/etc/
sudo pico cp php.ini.default php.ini

edit /private/etc/php.ini for post etc settings

Turn Web sharing on in sys prefs.
Turn on Firewall in security sys prefs

Should be same after upgrade, however may need to point mysql default socket in php.ini:

mysql.default_socket = /private/tmp/mysql.sock

mysqli.default_socket = /private/tmp/mysql.sock

Finally, redo confiq file in Moodle.


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