iSkoot is a free Skype client for a wide range of mobile phones!


iSkoot puts Skype on
your mobile phone.
Now offered on the P1i from Sony Ericsson!


1. Easy installation:**

Option 1: iSkoot can send you a link to our free software in an email or SMS text message–just request it when you register!

Option 2: Download to your PC and transfer to your handset using its Bluetooth® or infrared port or your USB cable.

2. Simple, intuitive user interface

• Click to call a Skype contact

• Click to chat with a Skype contact

• Make inexpensive international calls using SkypeOut

• Receive Skype calls on your mobile

• Manage your online presence

• Check the online status of your friends, family and colleagues

You can even create a new Skype Account, right on your mobile handset

3. High quality audio for all your calls

4. Optimized software for each supported handset type

5. iSkoot’s network coverage is now worldwide

6. On-line documentation

7. Free user support


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