This post from Roger’s Vox blog today: (Bachelor Product Design Tutor)
PS – it was a fun session – a bunch of enthusiastic students and two enthusiastic Tutors as well!

MobBlogs: “MobBlogs

Blogging Session

A huge thanks to Thom Cochran from the Unitec CTLI (Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation) who came into studio this morning and ran a session on blogging and mobile blogging.
The staff along with Thom are researching into the effectiveness of mobile blogging and how it might contribute to or enhance teaching and learning. The Bachelor of Product Design is based upon the ‘classic’ studio teaching model and through our research project we aim to disrupt this model and seek a new model(s) for the programme. Thom is running another research project with the Landscape Architecture Department and both these projects will be contributing to his PhD studies.

Today we gave out Nokia N80’s to a 8 selected students. The N80’s come with folding bluetooth keyboards to make copy writing that much easier.
All students in the 3rd year are required to blog as part of their final year projects but these 8 will be taking part in the mobile blogging research project. Each client has been encouraged to take part in the blogging process and to interact with the students whenever possible.

DesignProjects3 11/03/08 8:59 PM DesignProjects3 mobile blogging ctli”

(Via DesignProjects3.)


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