UPnP on Nokia NSeries

UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) technology is nicely integrated into the Nokia NSeries smartphones. This provides a way to wirelessly stream media (Video, Images, and Audio) from your smartphone to UPnP enabled devices or software applications.

On the N80, UPnP provides a way of viewing video & images from the N80 directly on a Mac or PC laptop (When connected to a video projector this enables large group viewing/interaction). On the newer NSeries phones (N95, N82) a dedicated video/audio out connector is provided – but it’s still cool to stream media wirelessly!

UPnP setup:

  1. On the N80/N95 Scan for WiFi access point & connect
  2. On the N80/N95 find the ‘Home Network’ application
  3. HomeNetwork1.jpg

  4. Configure the Home Network appication for your WiFi connection and choose which media to share wirelessly
  5. HomeNetwork2.jpg



  6. Start a UPnP capable software application on your Mac or PC: on PC (Simple Center http://experience.nokia.se/VideoTV/howto/howto_2.aspx ) & Mac (Mediacloud) http://users.pandora.be/bruno.keymolen/hmediamac.html
  7. Now wirelessly browse & display your mobile media!
  8. UPnP_Mediacloud_on_Mac_N95.png


I’ve yet to get UPnP working on the P1i or the Nokia E90 😦

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