Txttools is an SMS (short message service, or text messaging) solution for organizations, including education. There are two main ways to use txttools:

  1. Web interface at http://www.txttools.co.uk
  2. LMS plugins for Blackboard or Moodle

Received Txttools message screenshot from cellphone:



  • Create groups
  • Integration with user profiles in Moodle or Blackboard – i.e. txttools plugin recognises groups, and mobile phone numbers in user profiles.
  • Database of sent and received txt messages
  • Statistics monitoring – showing sent/received status of messages for each user.
  • Automated actions via administrator defined keywords
  • Automatic registration of users by txting a keyword to a dedicated txttools number
  • Cost confidence – cost = annual license fee, not per message.

Below is the Web Management interface for Txttools:


Moodle Txttools plugins screenshots:

1. MoodleTxt Block

Course_ iDesign (Product).jpg

2. MoodleTxt History

MoodleTxt History for iDesign (Product).jpg

3. Viewing Status of Sent Messages


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