Intentional Communities Of Practice

Here’s an overview of the development (2006 to 2009) of an intentional Communities OF Practice model for Academic Professional Development. This grew out of the Dummies2Delight group started in 2006, and has grown into a model for creating and supporting collaborative teaching and learning projects with a technology steward (CTLI/TPA) lecturers and their students.

  1. Dummies2Delight Overview 2007:
  2. Community Of Practice invite (2007 original):
  3. First collaborative COP report 2007:
    From Dummies2Delight
  4. Moving Mobile Mainstream (Via Communities Of Practice) 2007:
  5. CTLI Minisymposium 2007 – COP “Show & Tell”.
  6. Just What Is A Community Of Practice? (2008):
  7. Community Of Practice Outline 2008:
  8. Example COP Invite (SPASA 2008):
  9. TPA Minisymposium 2009: Example COP feedback.

Video Overview (With focus on mobile web 2.0 projects development):

For more background info on COPs, see Wenger’s introduction website and one-page COP setup guide:


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