Disruptive Technologies

Here the term “Disruptive” is in reference to a challenge to traditional thinking in order to bring about positive change (or transformation from instructivist to social constructivist) in learning.

“Why has classroom training taken such a hold in corporate training and development? To answer this question, we need to look at its origins and its history. The modern classroom is a learning technology that was first developed in Prussia in the 1700s, and then spread throughout the world. Sitting in rows, raising hands, short recesses, detentions, and other disciplinary practices all emerged over relatively short period as part of modern classroom technology.

The use of classrooms for corporate training is a recent phenomenon, rising sharply after World War II. Dr. Gary Woodill, Director of Research and Analysis at Brandon Hall Research, argues that the purposes of the modern classroom include the need to immobilize the bodies of learners, have them pay attention to the instructor, and instill a self-discipline that comes from sitting still for a long period of time. He also notes that the aim of social, networked and mobile learning is to break that pattern, which is why these new learning technologies are so disruptive of classroom based instructor led training.”




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