Twitter Tales

We are using Twitter to communicate between New Zealand, Ireland and Chile for a collaborative Product design student project.

Students have setup Twitter accounts and begun ‘tweeting’, with their Lecturers also using Twitter to respond, guide and inform their students during the project.

Serendipitously, an online PODCast show host has chosen one of our students at random to get them to the top of the twitter followed list and make them famous!

Lisa’s “I hate technology” tweet caought the PODCast show hosts eye and recommended all his listeners follow her on Twitter. 24 hours later she has over 8600 followers. The goal is to get more than 15000 followers in a week, and one of Lisa’s follows (at random) will win an Apple iPod from Leo Laporte, as will Lisa herself!

Lisa’s Twitter page:

Leo has also taken Lisa to the top of DIGG:

Leo Laportes PODCast show:

Episode on “I Hate Technology” – watch the video from 24 minutes to 30 minutes, and 1 hour 26 minutes to view the sections on Lisa’s story!


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