iPhone4 Announced


RT@MacLife iMovie for iPhone has themes, transitions, titles, sharing. Project lists, clips viewer. Record into timeline. IPhone4 available June 24. Preorders June 15. 5 countries up first, plus 18 more in July. No multitasking on the 3G with iOS4. First-gen iPod touch won’t support iOS 4. iOS 4 is free on June 21.

Tech Specs



Overview Video: http://www.apple.com/nz/iphone/features.html#design-video


Finally answers most of my peeves with the iPhone:

  • Multitasking
  • Decent camera and video editing
  • BT keyboard support
  • Folders for organising Apps
  • Better Battery Life!

What’s still missing?

  • Direct screen mirroring for demos
  • Simple Bluetooth file transfer? – need to check OS4 limitations on BT
  • Decent File manager
  • Physical keyboard – not a problem for me – but some people prefer a physical keyboard & don’t want to carry a folding BT keyboard extra

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