Mobile TV OnDemand #mosomelt #npf14lmd

nZ has finally entered the Television on demand age. We now have several Freeview and subscription based TV services and mobile Apps available. Most of the mobile Apps also support wireless mirroring to your large screen TV via either Airplay or DLNA, with the exceptions being the Freeview Apps. So far the options are:

  • TVNZ OnDemand, Freeview
  • TV3 OnDemand Freeview
  • Lightbox (Spark – ex Telecom) $15/month subscription service
  • Neontv (Sky) $20/month subscription service
  • NetFlix $10/month subscription service

Of these only Neontv and Netflix currently provide access to both TV shows and movies on demand. However Apple may enter this market soon, as they are rumoured to be launching their own service after years of unsuccessful negotiations with the encombants. In NZ we only have access to movie rentals via the AppleTV and iTunes Store, with some fairly substandard third party TV Apps available as well. Looking forward to some real OnDemand choices that don’t involve VPNs or other country specific gateway work arounds.



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