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RSS Overview by Commoncraft

RSS Overview by Commoncraft

Steps to using RSS:

  • Find the RSS feed
    • Use the Firefox RSS button to indicate the feed
    • Firefox allows you to choose your preferred RSS aggregator
  • Subscribe to the RSS Feed using an RSS Aggregator
  • Organise your subscriptions into folders of similar content
  • Use an RSS Reader to preview/read your subscriptions
    • On a Mac I use NetNewsWire
    • On my iPad, iPhone, or Android devices I use the Flipboard and Pulse apps
    • Most RSS Readers will synchronise feeds with your Google Reader subscriptions

AR goes mainstream

The NZ Herald has just released their AR interactive app for iOS and Android making the TimeOut magazine supplement interactive.

Time out coverAR1

Check out the overview at:

Download the first version of the AR interactive TimeOut issue here:

Check out the iPad/iPhone app at:



iPhone 4S

Apple have squeezed the iPad2 power into the iPhone 4S! Dual core A5 processor, better graphics engine and 8M pixel camera. All round speed boost from the iPhone4. The real changes will come with iOS5 and iCloud next week on October 12.

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Research firm: iPhones cheaper to support

Research firm: iPhones cheaper to support: “Research firm: iPhones cheaper to support ClickFox, a firm that analyzes customer experience data, says that BlackBerry users need more help than iPhone users — and Android users need much more help than both.

(Via MacCentral.)

Sharefest Augmented Reality Workshop

Participant interaction :-)


Participants decoding QR Code to workshop notes :

AudioBoo Embed Test

Embed AudioBoo recordings by using the WordPress AUDIO tag to generate a ‘player’ button = square bracket, followed by ‘audio’ then the URL of the mp3 audio file, then a closing square bracket, or use the insert audio button to create a link to the mp3 file


Mobile Film Project

Film & TV students experience mobile film making:

#elvss11 Mobisode Backstory: Well done @jamesroque @lukeopasa @KTpatersonNZ