CMALT ePortfolio

This section of my blog will be used as the base for hosting my SCMALT ePortfolio (Senior Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologists).

2021 Update

This year the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) have begun issuing Open Badges for various active roles in the ALT community – I’ve been pleased to receive the CMALT Assessor badge, the ALT Assembly Member badge and the ALT Member badge in addition to my Senior CMALT badge:


2018 Update2: I am now one of the first SCMALT holders (Senior Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology)!


2018 UPDATE: I am currently updating my CMALT portfolio to meet the requirements for the CMALT ‘Advanced’ pilot group – this mainly involves the addition of a sixth section to my portfolio “6. Advanced” that includes evidence and reflection upon TEL research and leadership.

2016 UPDATE: I have now (5 August 2016) been awarded CMALT (Member #338), “with the assessors distinguishing the strength of the submission“!


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