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iPad & iPhone interaction in Workshop

Sharefest Augmented Reality workshop 2011


Promoting the iPad at Unitec’s Kaleidoscope event.

Transfer video from HTC Desire to iPad

To transfer video from Android phone such as the HTC Desire, 1. Record video in H264 format, use a free file manager from the Android Market to rename the file type from .3gp to .mp4, 3. Remove micro SD memory card from Phone, 4. Place micro SD card in SD adaptor, 5. use Apple camera kit SD card reader to transfer video and photos from the card to the iPad Camera Roll, 6. Open Reel Director on the iPad and import video and photo files from the camera roll.

Music students with iPads

Exploring the potential of the iPad for music education

Music students with iPads

Mobile Learning – turning any space into a learning space with iPads.

Blogging from iPad

Test safari post from iPad