Academic Research on Blogging

Here’s some useful papers on educational blogging:

Two by the founder of

Farmer, J. (2003). Communication dynamics : Discussion boards , weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments Introduction and background : Towards social constructivism and. (R. Atkinson, C. McBeath, D. Jonas-Dwyer, & R. Phillips, Eds.)Elearning, (1999), 274-283. Retrieved from

Blogs @ anywhere: High fidelity online communication

Authors: Anne Bartlett-Bragg, James Farmer

Publisher: Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education–anywhere-high-fidelity-online-communication/

One by myself:

Mobile Blogging: A Guide for Educators

Authors: Thomas Cochrane

From MLearn 2007

An argument for user-generated content from Axel Bruns:
Bruns, A. (2007, March 21-23). Beyond difference: reconfiguring education for the user-led age. Paper presented at the ICE3: Ideas in cyberspace education: digital difference, Ross Priory, Loch Lomond, Scotland.

And a great argument from Steve Wheeler: “Seven reasons teachers should blog”

And some examples of blogs used in higher education courses:

And finally some student and lecturer reflections on Blogging in their courses: