Communities of Practice

Throughout my role as an academic advisor (2004 onwards) I have focused upon facilitating and nurturing Communities of Practice (COP) as a model for professional development. Each COP has been critically informed by embedding the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SOTEL), evidenced by a wide corpus of peer reviewed publications, and summarised in a 2016 book chapter (Cochrane & Narayan, 2016). Examples of this embedded CoP model are curated in an eBook report.

On this page I summarise the COPs and associated SOTEL outputs for my work with COPs since 2012.

2012: (5) Product Design (Cochrane, Antonczak, Gordon, Sissons, & Withell, 2012; Cochrane, Antonczak, Sissons, et al., 2012; Withell, Cochrane, Reay, Gaziulusoy, & Inder, 2012), Journalism, Public Relations (iColab), Graphic Design x 2

2013: (8) Product Design (Cochrane, Antonczak, et al., 2013; Cochrane, Munn, & Antonczak, 2013; Cochrane & Withell, 2013a, 2013b), Journalism, Public Relations (iColab), Graphic Design x 2 (MoCop & Elective dev), Law, Communications, Culture & Society, Art & Design (SCOP)

2014: (9) Paramedicine (Cochrane et al., 2014; Greig, Goodson, Peach, Summers, & Cochrane, 2015), Public Health (Cochrane, Narayan, Burcio-Martin, Lees, & Diesfeld, 2015), Communications (Guinibert et al., 2015), Performance for Screen (Brannigan, Walsh, Graham, & Cochrane, 2015), Journalism (Mulrennan, Sissons, Rive, McMeekin, & Cochrane, 2015), Public Relations (Cronin, Cochrane, & Gordon, 2016), Law (Cochrane, Sissons, Mulrennan, & Rive, 2016; Mulrennan et al., 2015), Colab (Kenobi & Cochrane, 2015), Graphic Design (Laurent Antonczak & Cochrane, 2015);

2015: (6) Paramedicine (—reflections-1), Public Health (–transforming-pedagogy-one-step-at-a-time), Communications (Cochrane, Antonczak, et al., 2017), Performance for Screen (, Colab (, Journalism & Law (Cochrane, Sissons, Mulrennan, et al., 2016);

2016: (5) Paramedicine (Cochrane, Cook, Aiello, Harrison, & Aguayo, 2016), Public Health (, Visual Design (Steagall, Sinfield, Cochrane, & Tolutau, 2016), Journalism (Cochrane, Sissons, & Mulrennan, 2016), Colab (L. Antonczak & Cochrane, 2016; Laurent Antonczak, Keegan, & Cochrane, 2016);

2016: Establishment of the ASCILITE Mobile Learning Special Interest Group

2017: (5) Paramedicine (Cochrane, Cook, et al., 2017), Public Health (Lees, Antonczak, & Cochrane, 2017), Visual Design (Cochrane, Cook, et al., 2017; Sinfield, Cochrane, & Steagall, 2017), Physiotherapy (Cochrane, Stretton, et al., 2017), Colab (Cochrane, Antonczak, et al., 2017)

2018: Development of the SOTEL Research Cluster and Annual Symposium

2019: Establishment of the PJTEL open access journal as a scaffold into SoTEL research publication

2020: Development of the University of Melbourne CSHE SoTEL Research Network


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