Role at Unitec:
Support for elearning & learning technologies for Unitec teaching staff, pushing the boundaries of educational technology for enhancing teaching & learning at Unitec.

Previous Employment:
1997-2004 Tutor Audio Engineering & Music Production – MAINZ. Specializing in digital recording technologies, loudspeaker design, and multimedia.
Developed elearning environment for MAINZ, implemented student wireless laptop scheme (1999-2004), developed interactive multimedia learning objects for audio engineering, MAINZ website (1998-2003), developed & maintained Macintosh network etc…
Using IT to create pedagogical rich/exciting collaborative student environments.
Music – acoustic guitar, keyboards
Digital recording & MIDI
Running, cycling.
Multimedia, Macs.
Some Favourite Websites:

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  1. Hi there – notice you linked to my mobile phone film blog posts, cheers for the pingbacks! I’d be really interested in seeing how you get on. Let me know if you need any info –
    Helen Keegan

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