RSS Overview by Commoncraft

RSS Overview by Commoncraft

Steps to using RSS:

  • Find the RSS feed
    • Use the Firefox RSS button to indicate the feed
    • Firefox allows you to choose your preferred RSS aggregator
  • Subscribe to the RSS Feed using an RSS Aggregator
  • Organise your subscriptions into folders of similar content
  • Use an RSS Reader to preview/read your subscriptions
    • On a Mac I use NetNewsWire
    • On my iPad, iPhone, or Android devices I use the Flipboard and Pulse apps
    • Most RSS Readers will synchronise feeds with your Google Reader subscriptions

iOS Audio R/Evolution!

Audio enthusiasts – this is IMPRESSIVE! – Auria app for iPad will feature:

  • the ability to play 48 mono or stereo 24bit/44.1 kHz tracks simultaneously
  • record up to 24 of those tracks simultaneously (through any supported USB multichannel audio interface)
  • edit and mix with an interface similar to Pro Tools
  • Integrated FX processing
  • Bring in audio from iTunes, OR sessions from Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer or other DAWs via AAF import!!!


iPad 2 recommended; iOS 5 required. Auria will record from the iPad mic, but a compatible USB Class 2 audio interface and Camera Connection Kit is recommended. iPad 1 is limited to 24 tracks. Some plug-ins are optional.

This app is definitely on my wish list!


From WaveMachineLabs:
“Auria is a 48 track digital audio workstation designed exclusively for the iPad. Built from the ground up to be used in professional studio and live tracking applications, Auria includes the necessary tools for recording, mixing, and editing any project. Auria introduces innovative features such as AAF import/export for moving sessions between popular DAWs (like Pro Tools and Nuendo), 64-bit double precision architecture, and up to 24 tracks of simultaneous recording using compatible USB audio interfaces.

WaveMachine Labs has teamed with PSPaudioware to offer a powerful vintage-inspired channel strip on every channel, plus a mastering processor on the master and subgroup channels. Auria also features a first among mobile apps – VST plugin support; Auria includes several bundled plugins (convolution reverb, stereo chorus and delay, classicVerb and a pitch processor). Plug-ins by PSPAudioware, Overloud Audio Tools, Fabfilter and more will be available through in-app purchase. WaveMachine Labs is pioneering the effort to develop the VST standard on iOS, allowing manufacturers to easily port their existing plugins to the iPad.

AR goes mainstream

The NZ Herald has just released their AR interactive app for iOS and Android making the TimeOut magazine supplement interactive.

Time out coverAR1

Check out the overview at:

Download the first version of the AR interactive TimeOut issue here:

Check out the iPad/iPhone app at:



Mobile Devices & Web Consumption

iPads Consume 400% More Wi-Fi Data Than Other Mobile Devices [STUDY]: “iPads Consume 400% More Wi-Fi Data Than Other Mobile Devices [STUDY]”

“Mobile devices on the whole, according to the study, have usurped desktop platforms as the most ubiquitous Wi-Fi devices. In 2010, iOS and Android devices accounted for a combined 33% of Wi-Fi devices. Now they represent 58%. By comparison, Windows and Mac OS X devices together declined from 63% to 36% during the same time span.”

(Via Mashable!.)